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Will you help us this summer?

We are busy here on the farm, and we are therefore looking for someone who can help us this summer with riding and handling young horses, as well as with some associated tasks such as feeding, fold care, equipment care, and all the other little things that belong when you have horses.

We have 3 horses to be ridden, and 3 young horses (1 and 2 year old) and soon 2 foals, who would like to learn as much as possible of everything that belongs to being a young horse. In addition to them, there are a number of 'retired' horses here on the farm, which are not to be ridden or trained, but of course you can get a little extra pampering once in a while.

The horses we are talking about:

🐴 Hekla frá Gimli - an 11-year-old mare that has been standing still for a few years f. Hrimnir frá Ósi, m. Telma frá Bakkakot

🐴 Örn frá Gimli - an 8 year old gelding who has just started riding by Arion frá Eystra Froðholti, m. Ljósbrá frá Hruna

🐴 Ástmar frá Gimli - a 4 year old gelding who has been lightly trained last year and who would like to get started again f. Forkur frá Breiðabolstað, m. Þraut frá Skör (sister to Viðar)

🐴 Friða frá Gimli - a 2 year old mare by Ljósvaki frá Valstrytu and Telma frá Bakkakot (s. Sær frá Bakkakot)

🐴 Brá frá Gimli - a 1 year old filly by Práinn frá Flagbjarnarholti and Þraut frá Skör

🐴 Brími frá Gimli - a 1 year old colt by Álfaklettur frá Syðri Gegnisholm and Filma frá Tunguhalsi II

And then there are 2 foals on the way by

🐴 Telma frá Bakkakot x Ísak frá Þjórsárbakka

🐴 Þraut frá Skör x Töfri frá Þufum

As you can see, lots of good material to work with! Some of the horses are sales material, so showcasing, both on SoMe and live on the farm is part of the job. But it also means that the number of horses you have to work with can vary a bit 😉.

Who are you?

You love horses, riding, Icelandic horses and animals in general (we also have some other animals here on the farm 🤪). You can tolerate all kinds of weather, can work very independently, have a driving licence (the place we live is called 'Godt Gemt', that says enough we think 😉 ) and are comfortable with machines and tools. You have experience with Icelandic horses and are used to handling young horses. Our horses are well-behaved and sweet all together, however, they have lots of will and joy of work. It requires some riding experience, but also courage, as you often have to ride alone, both along the road, on the track and not least in the forest.

It is possible to stay on site, we will of course provide riding licences for the forest, and you will have a lot of training tools at your disposal, as our other company Equinics is also located on the property.

Salary after qualifications.

Would you like to help us at Gimli Icelandic Horses?  Call us to hear more - or write an application to

Is it not just you, but do you know someone who would be perfect for the job? Give us a tip!!!


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